RedHouse Brands Launches the Red Engine App, a Mobile Selling Platform for Building Materials Marketing and Sales Teams

This revolutionary enterprise mobile platform was developed to accelerate every stage of the complex building materials sales process.

RedHouse Brands announced today the launch of the Red Engine App, a new Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that enables dynamic, consultative selling for the building materials industry. This revolutionary mobile iOS based system was developed from the ground up to accelerate every stage of the building product sales process. Sales teams can now close faster, with a go-to resource that allows them to present from a place of knowledge and drive upgrade opportunities. The platform also empowers managers and executives with real-time market insights and sales analytics.

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This launch is the culmination of several months work to customize an existing enterprise platform for the building products industry. The development was a collaboration between RedHouse Brands, a provider of unique enterprise level tools backed by 30 years of experience in the building materials and home improvement industries and their technology partner Enhatch.

This new platform has evolved from successful rollouts in the medical device space, where a structured sales process, data driven selling and brand consistency are critical. For example, several GE business units are currently utilizing the technology to increase engagement with their customers. The RedHouse Brands team was able to leverage best practices from the medical device industry, while also customizing a unique platform for building product sales teams, distribution partners and the trade for B2C selling strategies.

Bill Rossiter, CEO of Interrupt and founder of RedHouse Brands is a former marketing and sales executive with Owens Corning, a global building products manufacturer. Rossiter’s twenty plus years in corporate sales and marketing leadership roles, coupled with his dedication to marketing innovation sparked the creation and launch of the Red Engine App. Rossiter states that, “The Red Engine App facilitates a whole new level of selling that will help drive enhanced business results. It enables sales teams to become truly consultative, with real-time analytics and a comprehensive view of the entire sales cycle. This drives more value to customers by being that source of data, and brings more value to the enterprise through closing the sale quicker and driving more profitability.”

The Red Engine platform empowers manufacturers to easily customize and deploy fully branded mobile presentation apps that enable targeted engagement, in-depth analytics and market intelligence. With the launch of this new iOS platform, RedHouse Brands demonstrates its dedication to delivering innovative marketing and sales approaches to the building materials industry.

Anita Holman, General Manager of RedHouse Brands stated that, “We have found a gap in how marketing and sales teams take their brand story out to the industry, leading to inconsistencies in messaging and the sales process. The Red Engine App enables marketing groups to easily deploy assets to their teams from a centralized location, creating a consistent brand presence in the market. The platform also allows managers to monitor asset usage and adoption, providing crucial marketing intelligence they can use to refine ongoing initiatives. Our goal for the Red Engine App is to become the one and only sales tool needed in the field.”

“This agreement not only brings us together with the premier strategy firm in the building materials and home improvement industries, but it gives us the depth and breadth to deliver Enhatch’s innovative mobile CRM technologies into these markets,” said Mark Birch, Director of New Business for New York based Enhatch. “We are pleased to announce our alignment with the Red Engine App for the building products market.”

Rossiter finished by saying, “The launch of the Red Engine App is part of our commitment to invest in digital capabilities, and allows us to provide a more comprehensive, integrated marketing strategy for our current and future clients.”

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About RedHouse Brands (provider of the Red Engine App)

RedHouse Brands is a provider of unique enterprise level tools for the building materials and home improvement industries, bolstered by thirty years experience in this space. The core of the RedHouse Brands’ business revolves around recognizing gaps in the industry, then turning them into opportunities for our client partners — enabled by the development of innovative tools specific for the audiences and channels where our clients play. RedHouse Brands was founded by Bill Rossiter, CEO of Interrupt.

About Enhatch

Enhatch is a New York based technology firm providing a mobile platform that allows enterprises to quickly build and deploy visually compelling and functionality rich CRM applications.


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