If you’re consumer focused, you must be brand focused. Apply for a 14-week program that includes 20K in financing as well as access to the partners, mentors and resources typically reserved for major corporations.

What you can expect:

$20K Seed Funding and Support: Lay the foundation for your brand as you work with market research partners and some of the best agencies in Cincinnati. Your identity will be seeded in meaningful consumer insights and will far surpass a fancy logo.

Advice and Mentoring: Our Brand Marketing Mentors have strong brand-building backgrounds as well as an appreciation for what makes startups and small businesses unique. It’s their vision, which will help you imagine your startup as a true brand.

Building Your Network: The Brandery will help your company with introductions and connections to potential partners and customers, including some of the largest brands in the world. Additionally, The Brandery program culminates in a Demo Day that gives your company the chance to pitch the press, angel investors, brand marketers and leading venture capitalists.

Over $175K in Free Benefits: A partial list of benefits available to your company can be found here.

A great deal and a great co-founder.

In exchange for The Brandery program, advice, mentorship, connections, and demo day, The Brandery receives a 6% diluting warrant in your new company.

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