The Speak Easy is a place for Indianapolis-based entrepreneurs, startups, and the folks who support them to work, play, and collaborate. At heart, we are a clubhouse for entrepreneurs, designers, and tech geeks. We believe that bringing these folks together in a fun, productive work environment is the surest way to accelerate the development, launch and growth of high-growth startups in Central Indiana.


As the first coworking space in Indianapolis, we have worked to educate the general public about the benefits of collaborative workspaces and the positive impact of coworking for individuals and communities. We believe we provide a home and central hub for the rapidly growing startup and entrepreneurial ecosystems in Indianapolis. Plus, we always have cold local beer on tap!

What is it like to start a company in the Rust Belt?

In Indiana one may not be able to visit the beach and the mountain and still make it home in time for dinner, but Indiana is comprised of companies that create value; our entrepreneurial history moves, feeds, heals and connects our country. We’re not trying to be the West or East coast – we’re building companies that are true to Indiana.

With over 35 colleges and universities throughout Indiana, we have the raw talent and work ethic to create a unique Hoosier-style home for startup companies. Organizations like The Speak Easy, Developer Town, TechPoint, Verge and several others, allow individuals and organizations to connect with resources, mentors, education and talent. There is an active (and growing!) community helping startups start.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned?

We have definitely learned a lot of lessons in our first year, and it’s hard to pick only one. There has been a lot of emphasis on keeping talent from leaving the Midwest but I think that’s framing the situation wrong. Indiana isn’t going to be for everyone or every type of company. But, we are pretty damn good at being Hoosiers. What makes our community – both at the Speak Easy and in Indiana – unique is our connectivity to one another and willingness to help support one another. Being in Indiana means being able to start a new company and also have a family and a decent cost of living all rolled up in one. Hoosiers are Doers and Makers: we don’t need to be on the coast, we need to be Hoosiers.

What is the future for your company?

We have always had a focus on member experience and community engagement. As we look towards the future, we’re focused on increasing the connectivity, resources and support startups have in Indianapolis.

Interested in checking out The Speak Easy? Be in touch with us:  @speakeasyindy

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