Last year the innovative incuba8LABS launched in downtown Midland, and now they want to launch your idea! incuba8LABS is hosting its pilot Start-Up Marathon this summer to help teams with a great idea for a product, service or event launch their idea. The accelerator program allows for ten teams of one to five individuals to pursue an idea for a product, service or event. Each week participants will collaborate with their teams to achieve milestones, based on their particular concept. They will also meet weekly with a dedicated guide (or success coach) and with the other teams to discuss challenges, successes and next steps. Near the end of the session on August 15, incuba8LABS will host a Summer Showcase event, in which program participants can pitch their idea to potential investors as well as the Midland community.

Teams can apply for the Start-Up Marathon on the incuba8LABS website under the Programs menu. Applicants will then be scheduled for a one-on-one interview to determine acceptance to the program. The cost of the summer session is $1,750 for the entire team, but scholarships are available, potentially bringing the team cost to $150 for the session.
To provide more teams with great ideas and a chance to participate, the program is graciously accepting scholarship donations. Sponsors would greatly benefit as they will be recognized on the incuba8LABS website and at the Summer Showcase event.

This summer, incuba8LABS looks forward to hosting its pilot Start-Up Marathon, where teams launch their ideas. Apply or contribute to a scholarship online at
For more information and to apply, visit or contact Katryn Shick at You can also follow us online at and

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