Perceivant Received Series-A Financing from Bootstrap Incubation

Revolutionary Platform Offers Any Size Company the Chance to Make Insight-Driven Decisions

Indianapolis, Ind., Sept. 30, 2013Perceivant, developer of a breakthrough business intelligence platform, has received $2.1 million in Series-A financing from Bootstrap Incubation, LLC to support product development and add new jobs at the Indianapolis-based company.

“Bootstrap Incubation is a partner in every sense of the word,” said Brian Rowe, founder and CEO of Perceivant. “This gives us the ability to grow rapidly through financial resources, additional technology expertise as well as sales and marketing support.”

 The Perceivant Big Data platform is a fully-hosted cloud solution which serves as a SaaS-based data hub by pulling together information stored in multiple systems. The application can be used as is, or can be customized to fit any organization’s needs and data security requirements. It is a simple, yet highly powerful way for anyone within the organization to collect and harness terabytes of data within seconds, creating a readable, actionable report in real-time. When a relationship between data points is made, Perceivant gives companies the ability to continually and automatically monitor data for records that fit those criteria and either manually or automatically follows up with an action.

“Traditionally, these types of analytics have only been available to large companies or through the use of consultants. Perceivant empowers companies of all sizes to access their data and make insightful decisions using seemingly unrelated information,” said Rowe. “In our data-driven world where organizations have a tremendous amount of data, they need quick, low risk, easy-to-use solutions.”

One of Perceivant’s first clients is the Indianapolis Emergency Medical Services (EMS), which is bringing data together from multiple systems to monitor operations and make real-time, potentially life-saving decisions. It may also use Perceivant’s software to analyze historical data on key performance indicators.

About Perceivant:
Perceivant helps companies access the data they need in a quick, simple and affordable way. One of a growing number of ground-breaking, entrepreneurial, high-tech companies in Indiana, it was founded in 2012 by successful leaders with expertise garnered at successful start-ups such as iGoDigital and Exact Target. For more information about the platform and job opportunities, visit

About Bootstrap Incubation, LLC:
Bootstrap Incubation, LLC is a private equity firm with 20+ years of experience in building significant growth businesses. With a vision of how technology is changing the competitive landscape, Bootstrap focuses on investments in consulting, specialized staffing, transaction processing, and business process outsourcing. It offers expertise, contacts, and experience-based advice on important strategic issues to help entrepreneurs grow their ideas and existing businesses to reach their potential. By allowing businesses to focus on their core strengths Bootstrap alleviates the challenges of rapid growth by providing financial acumen, IT expertise, recruiting, and scalable sales and marketing support to their portfolio companies. For more information, visit

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