• Location: Hyatt Regency Chicago, 151 East Walker Drive Chicago, IL 60601
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  • Date: 8/21/2013 - 8/24/2013
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IDSA’s 2013 International Conference will be Chicago on August 21-24. (IDSA is the Industrial Designers Society of America.)

The theme is “Breaking the rules.” When we create revolutionary ideas and game-changing innovations, we tear down predefined assumptions. But how can you know which rules to break and which to keep? We first need to understand the existing system to choose which structures to keep and which to remove.

Chicago has a long history of rule breakers and pioneers. Necessity drove invention, but this was only possible through the discarding of convention to build new ideals. Today that inventive spirit continues through architecture, media and design, making it a great backdrop for an exhilarating conference.

A great conference experience is planned for you that promises to be an energizing, thought-provoking and potentially outburst-inducing three day exploration of design, business, culture shifts and rule-breaking strategies that help you make the most of our evolving and often tumultuous economic climate.

You will be inspired by speakers who are thought leaders from outside of design with fresh perspectives on how innovators and game-changers operate in other fields. There will be some of the most captivating cutting-edge design leaders out there sharing their successes and failures with breaking the rules.

Building on the success of 2012’s groundbreaking conference in Boston, 800-1,000 designers, business leaders, and design educators are expected to converge on Chicago. You will network with design leaders, exchange ideas, best practices and war stories…and explore the paradox between creating and breaking the rules.

More information: idsa.org/idsa-2013-international-conference

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