• Location: Cleveland Medical Mart & Convention Center, Cleveland, Ohio
  • Time:
  • Date: 10/14/2013 - 10/15/2013
  • Status:

Cleveland Clinic’s annual Medical Innovation Summit convenes 1,100 great thinkers and leaders for a candid exchange on new medical technology, its future, recent breakthroughs and continuing challenges. Many regard the meeting as among the premier healthcare gatherings in the United States.

The Summit is built around CEOs of major corporations, government executives and top investors. It is a unique, first class experience for speakers and attendees. The Summit has welcomed attendees and speakers from around the world to come learn, share and collaborate on a vast platform of innovation.

Cleveland Clinic’s corporate venturing arm, Innovations, has been hosting the Medical Innovation Summit since 2003. Cleveland Clinic is recognized as one of the most innovative healthcare companies by Fast Company and Innovations has been recognized as one of the Top 4 healthcare organizations by Global Corporate Venturing.

More information: clevelandclinic.org

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