By Adam London, Associate, Lightbank

Three short years ago, in 2010, just 98 Chicago startups launched. By 2012, that number had jumped to 197 companies.

This year the Chicago startup community had three (billion dollar) liquidity events: Groupon, Grubhub, and Braintree. Chicagoans aren’t just starting companies at a more rapid rate; they’re building meaningful businesses.

More companies—startups, design firms, dev shops—are launching in Chicago than ever before. This community, led by its entrepreneurs, has become a world-class technology hub. And it’s the job of that community to continue to reinvest in itself and its members.

Co-working spaces have played an integral role in the growth of the Chicago tech community. They serve as powerful communities and workspaces for early stage companies, and give new entrepreneurs access to advice from mentors, like-minded entrepreneurs, and seasoned tech veterans.

But with Chicago’s growth comes a higher demand for new and different co-working spaces, particularly in the city’s tech hubs, or in neighborhoods that house more startups and mature technology-fueled companies.

That is why Lightbank is proud to announce that we’re opening up our doors a little wider to the Chicago community with the introduction of the newest Chicago co-working space: The Warehouse.

At Lightbank, we’ve always loved working side by side with our portfolio companies—aside from the typical operational benefits, startups also create an environment with an infectious energy. We’ve decided to answer the demand for more startup space and resources in Chicago by opening our doors to local entrepreneurs (and, of course, any company that wants to relocate to Chicago).

Housed in 600 W. Chicago, a growing tech hub in the community, The Warehouse will give growing tech companies, dev shops, startups, and design companies a home, and the opportunity to work next to other rapidly growing startups.

For more information and to apply to join The Warehouse, please check out:

Adam London is an associate at Lightbank. Adam is responsible for evaluating investment opportunities and works with startup founders on a range of strategic and operational topics. Adam graduated from the University of Michigan’s Organizational Studies program. Adam’s path to venture capital includes both corporate and entrepreneurial experiences at the Boston Consulting Group and as a co-founder of Letters to Success and The Lunch Read.

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